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Ring walk from  San Casciano Bagni to Celle sul Rigo 

  • Distance: approx. 12km.
  • Altitude: approx. 592 metres
  • Degree of difficulty: moderate
  • Shade: scarce

We will leave from the medieval village of San Casciano Bagni and we will walk through a hilly landscape of cultivated fields to Celle sul Rigo. This charming village takes its name from the maze of cells or caves below the village that were used over the centuries as a prison, a hideaway for partisans and are now used by the villagers as wine cellars. We will have lunch in a local trattoria before taking a shorter walk back to the spa village of San Casciano dei Bagni. For the quantity of water it produces, this spa is the third largest in Europe. There will be time to take a dip in a hot water spring or visit the hot water spa of Fonteverde and to spend the afternoon by the hot water swimming pool. Bring your swimming costume and a towel.

Circular walk in and around the walls of Montalcino

  • Distance: approx. 6km.
  • Max. Altitude: approx. 567 metres
  • Degree of difficulty: easy
  • Shade: variable

Montalcino is a charming walled town set above set in a panoramic position above olive groves and vineyards which produce the excellent Brunello wine.This morning´s walk starts by exploring the narrow streets of Montalcino and its many medieval houses with gardens and orchards then takes you outside the medieval walls into the countryside. We will return to Montalcino by lunchtime.

Circular walk: Montalcino – La Crocina - Montalcino

  • Distance: approx. 12km.
  • Max. Altitude: approx. 650 metres
  • Degree of difficulty: medium
  • Shade: scarce

This morning we will walk from Montalcino along dirt roads, woodlands and vineyards to the restaurant La Crocina for lunch. After lunch we will return to Montalcino.(restaurant closed Mondays) A visit to a Brunello winery is possible on request.

Circular walk: Castelnuovo del´Abate - Sant´Antimo

  • Distance: approx. 8km.
  • Max. Altitude: approx. 640 metres
  • Degree of difficulty: medium
  • Shade: variable

This morning we will start the walk from the medieval village of Castelnuovo dell´Abate which is situated in the territory of Montalcino and only a 10 minute drive from this town.

The walk will take us along dirt roads, through vineyards and woodlands before arriving at simple Romanesque beauty of the Abbey of Sant’Antimo, set in the Starcia valley just below Castelnuovo dell´Abate. Lunch in a local winery.

Circular walk from Bagno Vignoni to Vignoni alto and back to Bagno Vignoni

Bring your swimming costume and towel. (the swimming pool is closed Thursday)

  • Distance: approx. 10km
  • Altitude: approx. 409 metres
  • Degree of difficulty: moderate
  • Shade: scarce

We will start the walk at the medieval hamlet of Bagno Vignoni, a hot water spa with a Renaissance pool in the main square where hot water bubbles up from underground springs.

Here Santa Caterina of Siena and Lorenzo the Magnificent of the Medici family came to enjoy the benefits of these waters. This panoramic walk takes us up a very steep incline, along a white gravel road to the hamlet of Vignoni. From here we continue up and then along a ridge through farmland before descending through woodlands to the banks of the River Orcia and back to Bagno Vignoni where we can soak our weary bodies in the hot water swimming pool of a hotel with views over the fortress of the Rocca di Tentennano and the Orcia valley. There will be picnic lunch or lunch in a local restaurant as preferred.

Walk in the nature reserve of Pietraporciana and visit to the garden of La Foce

The garden is only open Wednesday afternoon, Saturday and Sunday

  • Distance: approx. 10km.
  • Altitude: approx. 847 metres
  • Degree of difficulty: moderate
  • Shade: good

This morning we will drive to the estate of La Foce and home of the Origo family. From here we will walk up into the nature reserve of Pietraporciana and discover the woodland trails and the beech wood, La Faggeta which is recognised by the Italian Botanical Society

as a microecosystem of particular natural interest. Accompanied by spectacular views over the Val d´Orcia and Val di Chiana we return to La Foce to visit the gardens of La Foce www.lafoce.com . There will be a picnic lunch or lunch in a nearby restaurant.

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