Pitigliano, Sorano and Sovana

Day Tours

From 01/02/2015 to 31/12/2015

Pitigliano to Sovana

  • Distance: approx. 10km/6 miles.
  • Max. altitude: approx. 300 metres
  • Degree of difficulty: moderate but slippery at times
  • Shade: variable

Pitigliano is set on high tufa cliffs chiselled with caves and tower-houses overlooking breathtaking countryside. We can explore the old medieval streets and Jewish quarter of the town of Pitigliano which dates back to Prehistoric times and was an important Etruscan settlement. It then came under Roman rule before passing into the hands of the Aldobrandeschi family of Sovana, then the Orsini family and in 1608 became part of the Grand Duchy of Tuscany.

It is also renown for its white wine.

We will walk along the via cave,narrow streets lined with caves and tombs, hewed out of the tufaceous rock by the Etruscans to give access to the nearby settlements.

In the footsteps of the Etruscans you will walk to Sovana where there will be time to explore the village. Lunch will be in a local restaurant.

(In Sovana it is possible to visit the fascinating Tomba del Sileno as well as the unique Tomba Ildebranda. Transport is needed and also an official guide of this park).

Sorano to Vitozza

  • Distance: approx. 10km/6 miles.
  • Max. altitude: approx. 300metres
  • Degree of difficulty: moderate
  • Shade: good

This morning we will start our walk in the medieval town of Sorano, set on a large tufa cliff and dominated by the Orsini Fortress. From here we will walk down to the valley of the River Lente where we will pass through woodlands following the river to Vitozza. With around two hundred caves, it was one of the largest cave settlements in Italy.

Situated in a rocky, isolated position in the valley of the River Fiora lush with vegetation and springs these caves were inhabited from prehistoric times up until fairly recently.

There will be a picnic lunch.

San Martino sul Fiora to Saturnia

  • Distance: approx. 12km/7.5miles.
  • Max.altitude: approx. 300metres
  • Degree of difficulty: moderate
  • Shade: variable

The walk starts from the small village of San Martino sul Fiora and we will walk along dirt roads and trails to the well known spa resort of Saturnia. Lunch will be at the spa. The afternoon can be spent at the spa.

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